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i Spa @ Woodlands Singapore is one of the best massage in Singapore. We offer various full body massage services to completely unwind your body, mind and soul. The experienced therapists provide patrons the dual blend of total rejuvenation and amazing services. Our massage therapists understand your need to free up every muscle of the body at the massage parlour. Your body is recharged and replenished with a touch of finesse, thus making it a much-preferred destination for ultimate relaxation. Our broad range of massage services includes

Oil Massage

Which concentrates mainly on the back of body, it reduces stress, relieve pain and stiffness in the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

A medium to strong massage; combination of Japanese Shiatsu or finger press and oil massage. Therapist’s Palm and thumbs are applied to various acupuncture points while oil massage relaxes the muscles and relieves stress. Focuses front and back equally.


       Sensual Massage

A form of body massage done by long flowing stroke and slow motion massage. The strength and speed used for Sensual Massage can be extremely soft and slow, or with comfortable pressure giving you the best relaxation. Our therapist will use both essential oil followed by baby powder for this massage to let you experience a completely two different kind of feelings. If you like slow and relaxing massage, this is definitely the best choice for an ultimate experience.

Essential oils can help relieve stress, improve sleep, relief pain and increase energy levels. Baby powder absorbs moisture well and helps cut down on friction, soothes and smooth dry skin.

<#1 Full Body Massage in Singapore.>

                  Executive Package

A combination of deep-tissue massage and sensual massage with bubble massage which soothes and moisturize your entire skin as well as eyes massage using modern technology eye massager which will massage several of your acupuncture points around your eyes. Exceptionally suitable for working adults and people who uses computer and mobile phone very often. Therapist will massage the front part of body when eye massager is on, which creates the feeling of 4 hands massage. The bubble massage at the end will definitely re-energize the entire body and replenish your youthful vigor.

<The only massage technique in Singapore.>


***Our aim is to make massage inexpensive and easily available in the neighborhood area, and rest assured all our massage girls are certified and qualified


Monday - Sunday: 9am - 11pm

Blk167 Woodlands Street 11 #01-09

Singapore 730167

(Book before 10pm for time extension)